What’s That Dripping I Hear in my New Bathroom?

Sometimes flipped houses have issues. A good inspector and a good realtor can help you through this process

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It’s a new day for the little guy!!

It’s a new day for the little guy!!
Real estate ownership is now possible for renters and folks with credit issues!

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Would it kill you to pick up the phone?

I just closed an escrow that took over three months, over 1,000 e-mails and no human response except from me. Am I just “old fashioned”, out of touch or what?? Actually, I’m what you would call a full service Realtor. You know, the “old fashioned” kind that pick up the phone and don’t take no for an answer.
The kind of Realtor that drives two hours to get the keys for my clients and is told via text by the listing agent that (oops their bad) the Fannie Mae vendor that re-keyed at $120.00 on my buyer’s side of the HUD 1, forgot to put them in the lockbox?
Well let me tell you something. I started in real estate in Phoenix, AZ after 20 years in advertising in New York, Chicago and LA. My father taught me that his word and his handshake was worth more than anything else he had to offer and I get clients now because I do the following:
Listen, handle and never take NO for an option.
Yes, I’m not the top techie at my office and I’m still learning how to work my iPhone mostly through my clients and my neighbor’s teenagers, but you know what? When you give me a problem I fix it. Period. End of story. If it can’t be fixed you know I’ve tried my darnedest. I’ve given it the good ol’ Midwest “can do” approach and I don’t take no for an answer.
My closing that was supposed that was supposed to have docs on Monday, got docs on Tues. Then I watched my e-mails that showed a timeline of several hours as Washington DC connected with Texas, who then connected with Arizona title, lender and support. It started with finger pointing ( I need this and you didn’t get it to me) from all sides and ended up with e-mail high fives and happy smiley faces (you’re the best, no you are, oh gee, my bad) and a nice e-mail from the listing agent (thanks everyone) who will only communicate by e-mail, text or smoke signals.
So now, it’s funded, recorded and everyone on the e-mails is happy and glad handing and my clients have no keys. I call the title agency because I remember she said she had an invoice from the re-key vendor and she gives me the number off of the invoice. I call the number and start huffing and puffing and the poor guy says (the code is 744 ma’am) at which point I apologize for yelling at him and get the key and open the door.
If the listing agent had told me where the keys would be and given me the code three days before when I asked her via e-mail, text and (wait for it, I dared to call her office and get voice-mail) there wouldn’t have been such panic at then end of the day.
I’m just saying— as agents we still need to respect each other and each other’s time and energy and, once in awhile, pick up the phone to communicate. OK, I feel better!!

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I can now get you qualified at 580–you heard me!!

Check out this great new 580 mortgage from Mark Taylor, my favorite lender!

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Home Starts Up 15%

Is that a nailgun I hear in the distance? WooHoo!


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Good News for Investors!

This article discusses how Phoenix is great place for investors to buy homes and then rent them out with good cash flow!


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International buyers view U.S. homes as solid investments

International buyers view U.S. homes as solid investments.

I read all the bad news about real estate just like you do, but this is why our little “corner of the world” in Phoenix and the Northwest Valley is facing a recovery. Can you say “International investors”???

When the world is looking for a place to call a second home that they consider a sold investment, Phoenix and the surrounding area is considered top of the list and most affordable. Call me for more info because that’s what I do.  I take care of my buyers and they refer me.  If you want a full real estate agent that works for you and only you ( I don’t list properties, I only represent you buying them) then give me a call. 

Daisy Anderson Your “Go-to”Gal” for Arizona real estate!

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House committee considers subpoenas to mortgage servicers

I have been following this issue for over a year.  Sometimes I’m hopeful and sometimes I just want to give up.  If we are going to come out of this economic tsunami and have any sort of recovery, we had better pay heed to this issue first!

House committee considers subpoenas to mortgage servicers.

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Treasury puts HAMP eligibility calculator online

Wow, someone put something useful online for everyone to see.  I guess the world must have ended.  OK sorry, it’s just this should have happened a long time ago!!

Treasury puts HAMP eligibility calculator online.

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